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The 11th Annual ANLD Designers Garden Tour is Saturday
June 20th, 2015

Tickets are $25 each and proceeds benefit the ANLD scholarship program for
aspiring landscape designers attending Clackamas Community College and Portland
Community College. Tickets will be for sale at select garden centers starting May 10th.

Buy tickets on-line NOW at our Early Bird discount for just $20 each!
NOTE: we will start mailing tickets in mid-April


Garden Designed by Sarah Smith, Photo by Doreen Wynja The sun-filled Haines garden, designed by Sarah Smith of The Gardensmith, features a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, and reclaimed/recycled materials. This garden was designed around the homeowner's desire to age in place and will allow her to continue gardening for many years. Read more about the Haines garden here.
 Garden Design by Rick Hansen, photo by Doreen Wynja Rick Hansen of Pacific Gardens & Waterworks has collaborated with homeowners Bob and Gigi Wood for 25 years on the design and construction of their landscape. Existing native plants were preserved and over the years a pond and stream, a flagstone patio, a hot tub, and lighting have been added. Read more about the Wood garden here.
 Garden design by Phil Thornburg, photo by Doreen Wynja Phil Thornburg, landscape designer, contractor and owner of Winterbloom, Inc., opens his own garden for the ANLD tour. The Thornburg garden pleases the visitor's eye with surprising moments of both practicality and beauty. Read more about the Thornburg garden here.
 Garden Design & photo by Darcy Daniels The Turner garden, designed by Darcy Daniels of Bloomtown Gardens, is an example of just how much living can be eked out of even the smallest of spaces. Read more about the Turner garden here.
 Garden design by Lori Scott, photo by Doreen Wynja Lori Scott of Lori Scott Landscape Design collaborated with the home owners to design Marta's Meadow  featuring a private swirling-brick patio and native
drought-tolerant plantings in the front yard. And an urban meadow bordered by a
compelling set of living and entertaining spaces in the back. Read more about Marta's Meadow here.
 Garden design by Mary Baum, photo by Doreen Wynja Mary Baum of Creative Landscape Designs worked with the resident cats to designing this Northwest Asian-inspired garden in the Forrest Heights neighborhood. Read more about Merlot's garden here.
 Garden design by Paul Taylor, photo by Doreen Wynja Paul Taylor of Paul Taylor, ONCP Garden Design and Consultation took on the challenge of taming the steep slope of the Taylors family garden and developed outdoor spaces more suitable for adults and teens. Read more about the Taylor garden here.
 Garden Design by Ann Nickerson, photo by Doreen Wynja The Armentrouts asked designer Ann Nickerson of Ann Nickerson Landscape Design, Inc. to design a quiet shady, retreat with room for the grandkids to play.  Variegated gold and green shrubs are sprinkled throughout the back garden to give a feeling of dappled shade even on dark rainy days. Read more about the Armentrout garden here.




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Williams garden designed by Darcy DanielsSuzie and Evan Williams southeast Portland garden, designed by Darcy Daniels of Bloomtown Gardens, is  featured on the tour.  The tone of the garden is warm and inviting all year around, with shades of bronze, gold, purple, orange, gray, and green featured in the plant material and the décor. Click here to Read more about what you will find when you tour the Williams garden.






Meihoff GardenDonna Giguere designed the Meihoff garden, a fusion of classic 1905 home craftsmanship and modern ideals, this garden showcases low maintenance plantings, rain gardens, permeable pavers and a new parking space. An artfully designed gate matching the Early Craftsman style home opens to a back yard retreat. An integrated deck, patio and fire pit are frequently used for entertaining guests. The homeowners may relax in hammocks under a mature Magnolia tree while their dog rests on a lawn of dwarf mondo grass.Click here to read more about what you will find when you tour the Meihoff garden.

Best Back YardThe design of the David P. Best garden presented an innovative challenge for ANLD designers Barbara Hilty and Adriana Berry. The bungalow's architecture needed to meld with the owner’s design vision of a contemporary Japanese garden with an industrial edge, and his desire to incorporate a wide selection of specimens to ensure variety and uniqueness throughout the garden. Click here to read more about what you will find when you tour the Best garden.


The Moore Garden StudioPat Moore, a plant geek in zonal denial, needed help transforming his back garden into a vivacious tropical retreat. He contacted ANLD designer Bruce Hegna for help. See the results of Bruce's design astehtic on the tour, with bold bright colors, a series of garden rooms, and an attractive outbuilding that serves as a studio in summer and a greenhouse in winter.  Click here to read more about what you will find when you tour the Moore Garden.



I was hired to redesign the whole property but the emphasis was on the back yard. The homeowners wanted to make their outdoor space more liveable - the different areas more cohesive with an emphasis on outdoor entertaining. The homeowners had just completed an extensive interior remodel of their kitchen and living area so that is where I gained inspiration for the materials that were going to be used outdoors. I used a color palette for the stone work on the outdoor kitchen and fireplace that was similar to the tile in the kitchen. For the backsplash on the cook island we used fused and frosted glass by the same artist who fabricated the indoor bar.

The deck was a rather unusable space: narrow with only a tight and misplaced stairway to get down to a lower patio area. The lower patio had an old, built-in hot tub that the homeowners never used, and also a portable greenhouse and many types of containers to grow vegetables. Off the deck in the other direction was a gravel area that had served as a dog yard for the previous owner. There was a small lawn area and an overgrown perennial bed. The rest of the property had mature trees that provide shade for the west facing deck.

Read more about featured artist Tim Gabriel and Cedar Mill Garden

JG 1

Homeowners John and Dorcas Gawlista initially sought help from designer Izzy Baptista in creating a more visible and friendly front entrance. "The entire entrance was hidden by a huge Japanese holly along with some other plants and an overgrown camellia. From the street one could see only a prominent driveway and the garage door." The front garden also needed some editing: removing overgrown "thugs" and plants that looked great for a month or so before becoming an eyesore the rest of the year. Together, Izzy, Dorcas, and John (a landscape contractor) set to work.

Stacked stone garden beds, beautiful paver work, and a solid, nicely proportioned pergola helped solve many of the issues: connecting the house to the garden, adding a vertical element to the predominantly horizontal lines of the house, and providing privacy to the large kitchen window. Judicious pruning of existing shrubbery to highlight their form, reshaping the lawn, and adding colorful perennials, grasses, and plants with year round interest also helped create a more welcoming and lush entrance.

Read more about featured artist, Ben Dye, and The Pequeño Paraiso Garden


Nice home, great location; close to downtown Portland, but a difficult garden: a homeowner's dilemma and a landscape designer's delight. For over a year, Maury and Nancy Plumlee debated the pros and cons of leaving their lovely home or finding someone who was able to create a garden from their steep unappealing yard. They found Lori Scott with great ideas and a team of landscape professionals who could take Lori's ideas and create a masterpiece.

In 2008 Nancy and Maury had many desires for their new landscape: a water feature, a gas fire pit, a flat lawn for dogs, and privacy. They also wanted to be free of the problems: crumbling awkward decks, persistent swampy beds, and a difficult slope. After spending time with Maury and Nancy so she could understand their desires and needs, Lori created a design that addressed these issues beautifully. Then Lori walked them through the process of selecting contractors and installing the design.

Read more about the featured artist Ivan McLean and The Elemental Garden

Floramagoria Pot

I have been involved working on this garden for several renditions in the past while working under Lucy Hardiman of Perennial partners. Several years after I had left this design collaborative, the client called me to request a new garden for their front yard. They were interested in tearing out all the plants and building a woodland garden incorporating large boulders. I contracted with Dinsdale landscaping to install the boulders where I placed them according to my new layout. The client worked the soils and we chose plants based upon low maintenance. A year later, the client desired to remodel their back garden creating a terrace which would integrate with their newly remodeled home.
I was pleased to work with them again and was rather impressed by the extensive changes they had made to their home. The new remodel provided extensive views from the interior into the gardens beyond. My biggest challenge would be to maintain existing garden elements integrating into a new garden space, which would be more conducive to entertaining yet, still allow for the extensive plant collections.

Floramagoria Rocks

Read more about featured artist Gina Nash and The Floramagoria Garden

Nelson Table

Vern Nelson, "The Hungry Gardener", professional photographer, illustrator, and garden columnist, has been educating Oregonians for almost 25 years. His classroom is his garden. We are privileged to step into the center of his world this June as a part of the Association of Northwest Landscape Designers, 2013 Ninth Annual Designers Garden Tour. The first stop on our tour of seven West Portland Gardens, (where we will experience the minds and hearts of Northwest designers) is the garden of Mary Sherman and Vern Nelson.

Nelson Oven

Their garden is an intensively planted kitchen garden with a keen focus on low maintenance edible plants. Raised vegetable beds and espalier fruit trees provide structure for the garden, while open spaces and a new covered patio allow room for people to visit and learn about new and old ways to grow their own food. A wood fired bread oven is often the center of neighborhood gatherings and impromptu baking classes. Vern and Mary will be on hand to talk about edible gardening and share the joy they have had creating this garden together.

Nelson Beds

Learn about Jeanette Mullane and Chris Schwartz , the artists featured in the The Nelson-Sherman Garden

 Passion Walkway

My husband and I have been living in this 1970's ranch house since 1994.  The backyard had an old good-neighbor fence that was falling apart, a small concrete patio that only extended beneath the roof line and a large lawn area that allowed only for only a three-foot wide planting bed next to the house and the south property line.  The few fruit trees it contained were unhealthy and growing sideways toward the sun.  Most of the plants we had were rhododendrons, juniper, and declining photinia hedge.  You get the picture!  Growing up in Brazil, all those plants were unfamiliar to me, plus I never had taken care of a garden before. As a child, I enjoyed exploring my grandparent's large tropical garden, then we all moved to high-rise apartments.  Houses and gardens were not part of our lives anymore. We were left with only indoor house plants, a rare visit to a busy park in the city or an occasional vacation to the country side.

The minute I moved into our Portland house, I discovered that I loved spending time in the garden. Then, I discovered the local nurseries. I was bitten by the plant bug!  In need for a career change, I naturally fell into landscape design. 

Read more about featured artist Ryan Beard and the Plant Passion Garden

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2014 Designers

Barbara Hilty, APLD
Barbara Hilty Landscape Design LLC

Adriana Berry, APLD
Plant Passion Design LLC

Marina Wynton
Olivine Land, LLC

Laura Crockett
Garden Diva

Bruce Hegna
Nurture/Nature Landscape Design LLC

Donna Giguere, APLD
Donna Giguere Landscape Design

Darcy Daniels
Bloomtown Gardens

2014 Artists

David Best
Best Services

Mike Suri
Suri Iron

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Dancing Ladies Garden

Dorothy Steel
Dorothy Steele Pottery

Patrick Gracewood
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2013 Designers

ANLD Designers Showcasing Their Work on the 2013 Tour

 Vern Nelson
The Hungry Gardener

Laura Crockett
Garden Diva Designs, LLC

Lori Scott
Lori Scott Landscape Design

John Gawlista & Izzy Baptista
Lapis Lazuli Tile & Garden Design and
Professional Grounds Management (PGM)
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Debbie Brooks
Creative Garden Spaces

Adriana Berry
Plant Passion Design, LLC

Alyse Lansing
Joy Creek Nursery

2013 Artists

Each artist will be using one garden as their temporary gallery, showcasing how art and the landscape mutually enhance one another. Artists will be on hand to answer questions.

Ryan Beard
Victoria Shaw
Jennifer Ellsworth
Ben Dye
Gina Nash
Ivan Mclean
Jeannette Mullane
Chris Schwartz