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Design by Kathy Langelier. Photo by

Why hire a designer?

  • A landscape designer can see the hidden potential in your landscape
  • We can help you make the most of your small or large space and find new ways to use it
  • A beautiful landscape can add to your home’s property value.
  • Planning ahead can reduce costly changes later
  • Master plans mean you can phase in your installation over several years as your budget allows
  • A landscape designer will choose plants that are well-suited to your yard, climate, and lifestyle
  • A well-planned yard can lower maintenance and provide year-round color and interest
  • A landscape designer can work on projects of all sizes

    When to hire a designer?

    A landscape designer should be called in on a landscape project as early as possible. For example, on new construction consider having a meeting with the architect and landscape designer to create a powerful team to make your dreams come true.

    Sketch by Lori ScottFall and winter are good times to design your landscaping because not as much is going on in the garden, and there is more time to consider and work out a good design. Also, the “backbone” of the garden is more visible then, as many plants will be leafless and neighboring views stand out more. Landscape design can be done at any season, though, as the work is mainly done indoors, often at a desk, computer, or drafting table.

    Sketch by Lori Scott.

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